How is a city GOP different and why does it matter?

Republicans are losing the city vote. Once the party of the big city mayor, Republicans now control only three mayoral seats in the 25 most populated cities and fewer than roughly 20% of the city council seats in the top 25 most highly populated cities. It’s a trend that doesn’t bode well for the party’s future electoral success, given the tremendous population growth and density in urban centers. This will only worsen, unless Republicans change something. Republicans can win cities by learning about the problem, finding solutions, and implementing them. Join us in our effort to support Republicans running in cities, so America’s cities can have a brighter future!

The Problems

  • Rural America, suburban America, and urban America differ vastly. Republicans must start tailoring policy to the respective area. For example, transit policy is important in urban areas, while farm policy is important in rural areas. They need to realize the differences and act accordingly.

  • Republicans win areas that have about 800 people or fewer per square mile. Any more than that, and Democrats win. Cities are growing and Republicans cannot afford to keep ignoring them.

  • Republicans do not expend enough resources and time in cities. We need to put in more effort.

  • The Republican platform is too often narrowly applicable. It also lacks policy components which are specifically tailored to cities.

  • Oftentimes in cities, people do not think Republicans care.

  • Urbanization is happening, and it is efficient. The GOP champions efficiency, and needs to learn how to work with the change.

  • “Red States Are Just Underdeveloped Blue States.” As red states grow, we will lose them too, unless we change our approach.

  • Republicans often run candidates from their political circles in cities, and sometimes they don’t represent the community as well as candidates should. We are good at championing community representatives in rural areas, and we need to do better at it in cities.


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