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Below are projects, initiatives, and work related to the City GOP cause.

The GOP and Uber

The GOP and Uber – Republican National Committee embraces Uber, ride-sharing services, and innovation

Uber opposition is anti-innovation – Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus in the Chicago Tribune
  • Key Takeaway: Government shouldn’t intentionally block innovation and protect the status-quo – it should encourage new businesses to compete in the free market.
GOP chases youth vote with Uber – in Politico
  • Key takeaway: The Republican National Committee released a petition supporting Uber, the free market, and innovation, and against regulations and bureaucrats. This appeals to young people and people in cities.
GOP gets hip with Uber – Jesse Byrnes in The Hill
  • Key Takeaway: Republicans are working to attract a broader spectrum of voters.
‘Uber Republicans’: Can GOP Tap Into Millennials’ Frustrations? – Dale Buss in Forbes
  • Key Takeaway: The GOP is trying to appeal to those who are harmed by regulations and bureaucrats, as it relates to ride-sharing services. Author notes that this can also help the GOP appeal to the libertarian strain running through many millennials.

GOP Chairman Reince Priebus at the National Urban League

July 2014 – Why I Spoke to This Year’s Urban League Convention – GOP Chairman Reince Priebus in The Root
  • The GOP is getting more involved in actively increasing opportunity, quality of education, upward mobility, and more, for all. Read Chairman Priebus’s article here.

WATCH Reince’s National Urban League Convention speech HERE.

Senator Rand Paul and Cities

July 2014 – Rand Paul: GOP Needs to Attract More Voters in Big Cities

“Paul said the GOP must have a ‘policy prescription to how we’re going to . . . diminish and lessen poverty.’

‘If you look at that red-blue map across the United States, we win every rural county in America, and we lose every big city,’ Paul said.

Big cities’ biggest problems are poverty, unemployment and violence, he said. Poverty and unemployment spark the violence, he said, so he wants to share Republican solutions for cities, which include dramatically cutting taxes to spark economic activity.”

Read more HERE.

The RNC and Senator Rand Paul in Detroit

December 2013 – The Republican National Committee and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) in Detroit, MI

Senator Rand Paul and the Republican National Committee are both working to change the dynamic for Republicans in cities. Republicans have the solutions, but we need to bring them to cities. Below are details about how Rand and the RNC are doing this.

Why the GOP Is Stepping Up in Detroit, by Senator Rand Paul and Reince Priebus

“Critics might question our efforts, but as Republicans we believe in fighting for individual freedoms and equal opportunity for all, so we will listen to all voters in all neighborhoods, towns and cities. If a political party wants to have an impact, it can’t be in the business of going only where it already has supporters. It should be in the business of going where it can lend its support to important causes and continue to earn the trust of voters in return.” Read more.

Senator Rand Paul

In December, Senator Rand Paul visited the Detroit Economic Club to pitch his Economic Freedom Zones Act of 2013.

Senator Paul said, “I want Republican representatives going to the major cities and saying, ‘We care about what’s going on, we care about what’s happening to you and we have some things that we think will be better than what you’ve been given in the past.’”

Detroit may be going through bankruptcy, and is nonetheless failing. Rand wants to help, using free-market and Republican ideas. The Economic Freedom Zones Act of 2013 would lower taxes and regulations to increase growth.

Before speaking, Rand visited the opening of the Republican National Committee’s Detroit African-American Engagement Office.

Republican National Committee

RNC Chairman Hosts Business and Community Leaders Roundtable in Detroit, Michigan (Nov. 12, 2013)

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus hosted a roundtable discussion with black business and community leaders in Detroit, Michigan to discuss solutions that would revitalize our urban centers.

Chairman Priebus: “Detroit should give Republicans a chance to turn city around” (Nov. 14, 2013)


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