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Get Local

  • Republicans running in cities should consider focusing primarily on local issues. Just as someone running in a rural area needs to tailor the policy to the community, someone running in a city must do the same.

Republicans Have Solutions

  • Democrats have failed to fix problems in cities. Republicans have the solutions and they need to convey them more effectively.
  • Many are disillusioned with Democrats’ failings. Republicans can show them how things can be different.

Specific Policies

Education Reform

  • Cities are suffering in this regard, and Republicans should consider embracing their favorite model of education reform.


  • Low taxes and low regulations can benefit cities. Cities have largely been run by Democrats, who increase taxes and regulations, thereby hurting economic growth. Applying Republican principles can change cities, increase economic growth, and let people live their lives.

Responsible Government

  • Embrace ideas to encourage more accountable government. Fighting waste, fraud, and abuse in government is a non-partisan issue. Candidates should consider encouraging an appropriate solution, tailored to the city. For example, campaigns should consider proposing stronger ethics legislation with stiff penalties.
  • One model for government transparency which others should consider emulating is Governor Scott Walker’s “OpenBook Wisconsin,” which makes Wisconsin’s expenditures easily accessible to the public.

Leading the Community and Solving Local Problems

  • Consider sharing information about the neighborhoods with local city Republican Parties. Think about encouraging your fellow urban Republicans who serve in their neighborhoods to run for office.


Engage People in Cities

  • As the GOP is expanding its outreach program, it should consider focusing on cities. Republicans have opportunities to make a difference by visiting all areas of cities, talking with constituents, and engaging with them. Approachability is key. Governor Christie has shown this.
  • Strategy changes: Show what Republicans have to offer in cities. Conservative Republican policy solutions of lowering taxes and improving schools can benefit young professionals, entrepreneurs, students, families, and other people in cities.
  • Many voters recognize the benefits of a two-party government and acknowledge the lack of accountability with a weak GOP. Accordingly, Republicans have an opening to introduce conservative city policies.


  • Reach out to Republicans in cities, and ask for their help. That can be the first grassroots base. Coordinate among them, and have them bring Republican leaders into their communities to engage people.
    Grow this grassroots base and keep it coordinated.

Big Tent

  • The national Republican platform would benefit by offering broader, inclusive policy solutions which may be applied to different areas and situations.
  • Republicans used to win cities, and they still can. In 2001, 5 out of America’s 10 largest cities had Republican mayors.
    In urban areas, people live more closely to each other, and their actions more directly effect each other. This means policy must be adjusted to suit the scenario.



Pay Attention to Cities

  • Targeted investment in cities has the potential to reap significant electoral rewards across the state. For example, supporting city campaigns which have upballot potential can relieve the pressure on non-city areas to turnout in statewide races.


Pick Representatives of the Communities

  • Consider supporting representatives of the community in campaigns for office.
  • Consider finding community leaders and giving them all the necessary resources to run for office.
  • A community leader would bring strong credentials to a campaign and office given his/her local knowledge and service.

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